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AURA - Our Atomosphere

Aura Definition: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person.

Have you ever wondered why you left home in a great mood and as soon as you get to the store the day dramatically shifts? I myself went to visit a psychic at a fair a couple months ago. I did not tell her anything about myself as I was curious what she could see about my life. Yes, mediums visit other mediums.

This mediums was fantastic!! Very spot on with my mother's reading and then my own. One thing I found interesting was as she began my mother's reading before mine, she asked me to step farther back from the table. She said that my aura was quite large and it was impeding on her reading with my mother.

When it became my turn we briefly spoke about my aura. She asked me if I leave home in a great mood and come home after a short trip to a store in a bad mood. I told her yes this happens quite often! I was surprised she knew! She said she felt my aura was quite large and probably consumed other peoples energy where ever I go and I probably had a lot of problems purging negativity from the public. I told her yes very much so!

After the reading I confessed my own abilities and she said everything made so much more sense. I agreed I know some of her reading she was picking up on things but maybe not quite sure if I knew myself. We have learned recently my husband has his own abilities with smelling and seeing spirit. So you never know if your great day turned bad is your own large aura and possibily the beginning of your own abilities.

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