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The First Big One

I have had interactions with the deceased since I was a small child. Most of the time I would tell myself it was a living nightmare and I would sleep in the fetal to escape the fear to finally slee. The first big one as I call it that was undenialable I was different, happened when I was in the 10th grade. In the 10th grade a friend of mine passed in a car accident. I was standing in my room late one night getting clothes ready for the next day of school. I was reaching in a drawer for a t-shirt and suddenly heart a helicopter. I said out loud "Lena". I knew instantly this person had past.

I was drawn to my bedroom window and terrified to look outside. I forced myself to go to the window late that night. I saw Lena walking in a long blue dress with long blonde curls, curled just perfect. She was waving to me to come speak to her and I kept telling her to go home she was going to get min trouble. I turned away and went to sleep. I know something was very wrong and still in denial of my vision I forced myself to sleep.

I got up and went to school. The first period of the school day a friend of mine asking me if I heard what happened to Lena. My stomach dropped and I felt like I was having an outer body experience. Immediate panic filled in my stomach. I told her no I did not even though I knew it was coming. She proceeded to tell me that Lena passed the night before. She told me that Lena was life flighted and died in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. The helicopter I heard was Lena's life flight.

A few days later we went to her funeral to pay her respects. The casket was supposed to be closed. However for some reason the family had opened it. Perhaps to say another good bye. I was walking into the building at that time and saw her in her casket. She was wearing the exact same blue dress and had long curls, curled just perfectly. This was exactly how I saw her communicating with me as she passed.

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